About Us

How we started

The coronavirus forced a mass exodus of offices in 2020 and Jake & Jake (our co-founders) were two of the many people like you working from home without a professional office set up. Laptops were stacked on books and dining room tables were taken over. After weeks of being hunched over a laptop screen, aches and pains that hadn’t been there before started to develop. This paired with the decrease in productivity compared with working at our office desks got us looking into how to get the best home office set up that would protect us from developing bad posture, while at the same time increase focus, energy and productivity. After a few Facetimes, two friends became business partners, and Liberty Office was born. 

Our mission

To make working from home more productive & pain-free.

What do we mean by ‘liberate your office’?

Wear what you want, start work when you want, and act how you want.
We want you to free yourself from the constraints of corporate offices while taking care of your long-term health and increasing your productivity. 
Our products allow you to transform part of your home into a professional office that will get you to achieve more in less time.
Some of our products even help you to set up a productive office on-the-go, so working productively no longer means you have to be ‘at work’ or ‘in the office’.